The Rib Putter - Standard Model

This putter is our best selling Putter. It is made up to a standard length, but that does not mean that you can only get it in one length. By standard length we just mean that it has a length like standard length putters.
Normally a putter is 35 inch long, but our putter is of course made up to exactly that length that you prefer.

With the heavier weighted head, and the counter balance in grip, you get a putter that is very stabile through impact and therefore even at of center hits, it still delivers a straight put. The total weight of this putter is about double as high as a standard putter at the market.

The two ribs, or weight bars, in the toe and the heel of the face, gives this putter a fantastic heel-toe weighting, this we mean is essential to a putter head. Also it is of course head balanced.

In the two weight ports you can add more weight.

The putter comes with either a PVC face or a aluminum face. The PVC face is slightly lighter as the aluminum face, and does also gives a softer impact to the ball.

We do only specialize in 40% of your golf game!

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The Rib Putter