Custom Fitting

We believe that a putter must fit you, and not you trying to fit the putter.

You can order all our putters in a standard version, which means for the Standard Model 35 inch long , 19 degrees loft, and with the PVC face.  But Putting is such a big part of your golf game, that it is important that the putter fits you. Actually everybody gets there irons and woods fitted today, but as the putter is responsible for 40% of all your golf shots, then it is much more important that we look into this, and get the putter fitted.

We have developed a way of fitting, that is simple but efficient. And tells us exactly what we would like to know. Have a look at the video it will tell you more about how the fitting is done.

The Fitting can be done in any of the shops that are selling our putter.

The Fitting you can also order at the online shop, and then you do the fitting together with a friend. You can also attend one of our Putting Schools or is welcome at our place in Golf In Wall near Berlin. Here we are happy to help you getting the right putter setup.

We do only specialize in 40% of your golf game!

So buy your woods and irons from somebody else !

The Rib Putter