The Rib Putter

We believe that a putter must be the best club in your golf bag. You use the putter between 40 and 45 % of all shots you are hitting in a round of golf.

When you put Danish Design together with German Quality, you just get something very very good ! 

We do only have one clubhead head, and the different models is build around this head.

We believe that a head with a very large heel-toe weighting is the best balanced putter head you can have.

Also our putter head is heavier than normally putter heads, which gives you a putter that are easier to control, and is more stabile through the stroke.

Of course one putter and one putting technique does not fit everyone, therefore we have used this very

good putter head to build up a Long Putter, A Forearm Putter and also a standard length Putter. They are all very good putters with a perfect weight distribution, a good balance and is made of the finest stainless steel, milled, turned and drilled at a little specialized workshop in Berlin, Germany.

Have a look at the pages for each model for further information !

We do only specialize in 40% of your golf game!

So buy your woods and irons from somebody else !

The Rib Putter